Shock and Vibration Solutions for the Amusement Park Industry

Amusement and theme parks have an extensive range of machines and equipment exposed to shock and vibration, which could cause premature wear and tear on the equipment, resulting in breakdowns, increased maintenance costs and a reduced service life. More importantly, the machinery can lead to a less enjoyable experience for park visitors if not functioning appropriately.


IDC offers customized and stock solutions to help mitigate these issues. Our wire rope isolators use frictional damping to reduce the effects of vibrations, and their compact, efficient and versatile designs make them ideal for installations in nearly any type of orientation.

Vibration Mitigation for Amusement Parks

Along with thrills and entertainment, amusement park rides must also be safe, provide an appropriate level of comfort, and avoid unplanned downtime. Through reduction of the transmission of shock and vibration, wire rope isolators can help attain all 3 objectives. Some of the most popular theme park attractions that can benefit from these solutions include:

Simulators and Motion Rides

Amusement parks often feature motion simulators and rides — like flight or driving experiences — replicating realistic movements. These attractions involve hydraulic systems, moving platforms and complex components that generate vibrations and shock. Rope isolation equipment can help mitigate these vibrations, providing visitors with a smoother and more immersive experience.

Roller Coasters and Flat Rides

Roller coasters and flat rides that incorporate small electronics in the ride vehicle contend with shock and vibration that can be mitigated by implementing wire rope isolators. These solutions help isolate the sensitive components from external vibrations caused by the ride's structure and function.

Shock and Vibration Isolation Solutions for Amusement and Theme Park Rides

IDC offers both off-the-shelf and fully customized rope isolator solutions that assist with extending amusement park equipment and machinery life while prioritizing the visitor experience. Examples of our most popular products include:


  • M Series: IDC’s M Series isolators use helical cable designs, combining the best features of our other configurations into one versatile solution.
  • SB Series: Our SB Series isolators utilize shorter bars and compact components for applications with limited space.
  • SM Series: SM Series isolators feature unique S-shaped configurations that deliver exceptional vertical stability.


IDC’s custom wire rope isolation solutions provide a practical, reliable and cost-effective method of accommodating motion while combating shock and vibration. We can create vibration mitigation solutions with various designs and complexities, including material variations and specialized isolator sizes that efficiently integrate with your amusement park equipment.