Integrated Electronics Access & Protection Systems

We are in the unique position of being able to decrease production times and costs by vastly reducing effort spent managing multiple suppliers for one single system. IDC is now part of a larger organization that aims to be the premier “One-Touch” provider of mechanically integrated electronics systems for land, sea, air, and space applications.

Our experience with shock and vibration attenuation at various depths and altitudes provides a platform for effortless integration when considering the requirements of your project. Working with our partner companies to provider rugged and shielded electronic enclosures in various sizes and configurations, as well as the premier hardware provider for rack-mounted electronics, is our way of assuming the risk of your project while streamlining production.

No other manufacturer in this space can offer what we offer, all while being built completely within our facility walls. Our aligned partnerships guarantee 99% vertical integration, from engineering and design to production without changing hands. The goal of our organization is to give our customers products that are the result of the most meticulous engineering and effortless integration for ease of service and interchangeability. We’re looking to build strong partnerships with our customers, and encourage them to get us involved as early in the design phase as possible, so that we can share our wealth of knowledge surrounding these products, in hopes that we give our end users a safe, durable, and effective solution.

Electromet Rugged Enclosures

The preferred choice of the US Navy and the most rugged aluminum enclosures on the market, all designed and manufactured the United States. No other company can offer the survivability, versatility, hatchability, and modularity that an EMC cabinet can.  Available accessories and features include fan trays/blower drawers, rugged PDUs and EMI/RFI shielding, as well as the seamless integration of rack-mounting hardware and isolation systems.

Equipto Electronics Corp.

Equipto delivers 100dB EMI/RFI shielding at 18GHz in a Seismic Zone 4 rated enclosure. When the big agencies come knocking, it’s our tech they trust. Equipto also offers Tempest PCs, Multi-Unit Testbeds for emulating RF environments, and knockdown bolt-together racks for laboratory applications.

Emcor Enclosures

The definitive choice in data center cabinets, workstations, and test/measurement enclosures, Emcor is capable of delivering thoughtfully tailored electronics packages that are also rated for seismic environments and available with self-contained air-conditioning.

Jonathan Engineered Solutions

Global Leaders in linear motion and static rail-mounting COTS and Modified COTS hardware for rack-mounted access solutions- products include Heavy Duty Undermount Slides, Heavy Duty Linear Slides, Friction Slides, Stainless Steel Slides, Aluminum Slides, Ball Bearing Slides, Trays & Shelves, Cable Management Systems, and Stationary Rail Mounts. Our Products are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, with a variety of ruggedized features that take your survivability as seriously as you do.