Shock & Vibration Control - Wire Rope Shock Absorber

Wire rope vibration absorbers comprise helical steel cables threaded through high-strength retaining bars. These energy absorbers deliver superior shock and vibration control for sensitive equipment and products. With their durable construction, corrosion resistance and high-temperature tolerance, these isolation solutions are ideal for many applications across a broad industry range.


IDC is among the industry leaders in designing, testing and manufacturing high-performance shock and vibration mitigation assemblies for commercial, military and industrial operations. Besides our extensive inventory of off-the-shelf products, we offer customized wire rope shock absorbers for nearly any application, from seismic isolation to heavy-duty vibration systems to multi-axis isolation.

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m series wire rope isolator
M Series Isolator
sb series wire rope isolator
SB Series Isolator
top view of the sm series wire rope isolator
SM Series Isolator
xm series wire rope isolator
XM Series Isolator
wire rope isolators mounted to equipment
Special Assemblies

M Series

Our versatile M Series isolators combine the best dynamic isolator design features into one solution, from its ability to operate in harsh environments to its multi-axis isolation.
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SM Series

Our SM Series isolators use a symmetrical S-shaped design that provides exceptional balance and support for lighter equipment.
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XM Series

IDC's XM Series isolators feature an X-shape structure for superior torsional resistance and vertical strength for lighter loads.
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SB Series

IDC's SB Series isolators measure about half the length of the M Series and work well in tight spaces where standard isolators might be too long.
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Special Assemblies

Our engineers can develop custom assembly solutions specific to your needs, including low and high-frequency isolation plates, rail assemblies, mounting brackets, trays and more.
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What Are Wire Shock Absorbers?

An isolator’s primary purpose is to protect valuable equipment by reducing incoming vibrational wave energy. Because vibration and shock are everywhere, unprotected devices could be at risk of damage from a large number of potential sources, such as hazards during transport and handling, vibration generated by other equipment, or even seismic events. Wire rope isolators use premium metals to provide heavy-duty protection to this equipment with minimal maintenance requirements while offering a long product life.

A shock and vibration isolator acts as a buffer and stabilizer between an object and a vibration or shock source. When the surface on one side of an isolator receives a shock, the isolator re-distributes the shock into a lower amplitude and longer duration acceleration, reducing the stress experienced by supported equipment on the other side. In some applications, isolators use friction damping to absorb and dissipate energy in the form of heat.

wire rope isolators
image of wire rope isolators supporting a generator

Common Applications of Wire Rope Shock Absorbers

What is an isolator used for? Wire rope isolators offer practical vibration, shock and thermal expansion control solutions for an extensive range of applications:

  • Shipping containers and cases
  • Electronic racks
  • Shipboard electronics and equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Rotating equipment like pumps, generators and compressors
  • Power plants
  • Avionics equipment
  • Communication shelters
  • Tanks and tracked vehicle applications
  • Railway equipment

Cable Shock Absorber Benefits

Temperature Range

The temperature range of cable isolators is –300 to 500 degrees F. For elastomers, the useful range is typically –40 to 180 degrees F.  Even in this range, however, the performance characteristics of elastomers can vary.

environmental resistance

Substances and chemicals such as ozone, oils, organic solvents, fuels, salt spray, and NBC decontaminant that can degrade elastomers, have no negative impact on cables.


Even the most stable elastomers will outgas, degrade, and flake over time.  Wire isolators are commonly used in space applications and in clean rooms, where outgassing of elastomers can cause serious problems.

multi-axis capability

Cable isolators are a true multi-axis mount, which allows them to be installed in almost any geometry.

maintenance free

Cable isolators are an install and forget product.  There is no need to service or replace components.

long life & reliability

A wire isolator will generally outlast the equipment they were designed to protect.

Compact design

The stroke efficiency of a mount is defined as the ratio of maximum displacement capability to isolator height. For cables, this ratio is ~.5, and can be as high as .75, making them among the most efficient mounts available.


Wire rope isolators are the easiest and most cost effective isolators to customize.  By simply varying the number of cable loops, height, cable diameter, etc…, the performance can be fine tuned to exact specifications.

low natural frequency

Isolation system frequencies as low as 3 Hz can be achieved with a properly balanced system.


As the mount deflects, the tiny individual strands of wire rub together and dissipate vibrational and shock energy.  The result is a damping constant (C/Cc) of ~20% (higher than any elastomer).


Even under conditions of extreme overload, cables will act to restrain equipment and prevent it from dislodging and becoming airborne.


Long life, low maintenance, and relatively low initial cost, makes cables the most cost-effective isolator on the market.

Types of Vibration Absorbers We Provide

IDC designs and manufactures shock and vibration systems for nearly any type of military, industrial, or commercial application. Our engineering team has decades of combined experience using scientific data to develop isolators to mitigate damage and extend equipment life. Explore some of the product lines we offer: 

  • M Series: Our M-Series wire rope isolators feature a helical cable design to enhance versatility and performance.
  • SM Series: The symmetrical balance of the S-shaped SM Series isolators delivers superior vertical stability.
  • XM Series: IDC’s XM series isolators use an X-shape to enhance vertical strength and torsional resistance.
  • SB Series: Our SB Series isolators offer a compact solution in applications with tight or limited space.
  • Special Assemblies: Our engineering team can develop a custom isolator solution for your unique application, including rail assemblies, mounting brackets, trays, pallets, plate assemblies, weldments and more.
wire rope isolators

Trust IDC for Your Custom Wire Rope Shock Absorber Needs!

When you partner with IDC, our engineers will give you personalized attention while focusing on a wire rope isolator solution that offers high performance, practicality and cost-effectiveness. Because we design, test and build our wire rope isolator systems in the same facility, we can engineer the perfect wire rope isolator design to meet your needs faster than most competitors.


Contact an IDC engineer today to learn more about our products and services and how they can benefit your operation or to receive a wire rope isolator price quote!