Vibration Isolation for HVAC Systems

Vibration Solutions for HVAC Systems

HVAC equipment is a huge part of our lives, installed at home and in buildings all around us. Unfortunately, their rotating components cause vibrations, which can be disruptive to everyday life. These vibrations can transmit to the building structure, resulting in uncomfortable noise and vibration levels within an occupied space.

Isolation Dynamics Corp (IDC) stocks some of the most efficient wire rope isolators for any HVAC design and installation type to reduce vibration. The robust metal construction of our wire HVAC vibration isolators is ideal for outdoor conditions and fit for any rooftop and exterior HVAC equipment. The captured design makes them resistant to wind loading, and you can use our multi-axis capability isolators for mobile applications. We offer isolators in various sizes, designs and mounting options to fit your HVAC system, and you can choose from off-the-shelf isolators or tailor-made solutions. 

HVAC Vibration Isolators for Reduced Noise and Damage

In addition to transmitting vibration from the equipment to nearby structures, the internal components of HVAC equipment may also be sensitive to shock and vibration, such as components on air conditioning systems that contribute to temperature control. These parts need to work optimally to help maintain proper temperature and humidity. These components are at highest risk in mobile applications, such as HVAC equipment installed on a trailer that is towed from one site to another continuously. 

At IDC, we engineer our wire rope isolators from stainless steel, with helical-wound cables wrapped around retaining bars for superior vibration isolation and dampening, which is especially critical in difficult to quantify mobile applications. Some HVAC equipment that can benefit from our wire isolators include:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Chillers
  • Pumps
  • Cooling towers
  • Air handling units

Efficient wire rope isolators can protect the vital operation of your HVAC system while keeping your guests comfortable by isolating your equipment, reducing vibrations and offering stability for versatile HVAC applications. With these isolators, you can minimize structural damage and noise while keeping your systems running optimally.

IDC offers several vibration solutions for HVAC equipment: 

  • M Series: Our M Series wire rope isolator features helical cables wrapped around durable retaining bars for unparalleled performance and versatility.
  • SB Series: The SB Series isolator is half the length of our standard M Series for exceptional support in smaller spaces. It provides equal strength and vibrational absorption.
  • SM Series: Our SM Series cable isolator is ideal for lighter HVAC applications. Its unique S design allows the isolator to withstand high amounts of vertical pressure for superior support and balance.
  • XM Series: The X-shaped cables of our XM Series wire rope isolator provide vertical balance and torsional resistance for lightweight equipment.

Shock and Vibration Isolation for Mounted and Mobile HVAC Applications

Partner With IDC for Superior Vibration Reduction

The engineers at IDC have developed superior wire rope isolators for robust HVAC vibration isolation to protect your equipment and help mitigate noise from unpleasant vibrations. You can rest assured knowing that our products are American-made and undergo rigorous in-house testing. Contact us online to request a quote or ask our team any questions.