Helical coil wire rope isolators give your equipment the best protection against damage during transit.

A large effort went into designing your product, selling it to the customer, and then manufacturing it for shipment. Given the resources required to get a product to the shipment phase, it’s important to take steps to ensure the product arrives at the customer in the same condition it left your facility.


Wire rope isolators offer superior protection for wheeled vehicle isolation when transporting valuable equipment across all types of terrain, from interstate transport to aggressive off-road conditions.  These isolators contain metal-stranded cable threaded through retaining bars to buffer and stabilize your valuable materials. Without an adequate vibration solution for sensitive equipment, your items could sustain damage due to transport and handling shock isolation hazards.


IDC offers an extensive selection of wire rope and custom isolators that provide exceptional shock and vibration control for a broad application range, including shipping and transportation. Our environmentally stable isolators are unaffected by most environments, including extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals that would normally eliminate rubber isolators as a viable solution.


Wire Rope Isolators for Shipping Containers and SENSITIVE Equipment Isolation

Our off-the-shelf isolator designs contain helical cables that deliver motion stability, noise attenuation, vibration control and transportation shock isolation during transport. We continuously research new concepts and stay on top of industry trends, making us among the market’s top innovators for customized engineered solutions.


Some specific transportation applications include:


  • Engine transport isolation and wheeled vehicle isolation
  • Fragile and priceless artwork and cultural artifacts
  • Sensitive cargo and equipment
  • Transportation profiles and shock hazards of MIL-STD-810
  • Equipment and components for the space industry
  • Seat support and isolated platforms
  • Energy absorption systems for the aviation industry


Our versatile M Series helical cable isolators meet a broad range of transport requirements in the most demanding environments. For applications with lightweight transport requirements, our XM Series and SM Series designs offer excellent vertical stability and strength. Our SB Series isolators feature a more compact design with shorter bars ideal for tight spaces.

IDC's Wire Rope Vertical Spectrum For Transportation MIL-STD-810
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IDC's Wire Rope Longitudinal Spectrum For Transportation MIL-STD-810
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IDC's Wire Rope Transverse Spectrum For Transportation MIL-STD-810
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IDC tunes your assemblies to meet your required inputs, and will provide accurate performance data for the configuration using your application and its corresponding specifications.  These are typical results, and incur momentary, predictable amplification during frequency transmission, depending on the orientation.

Our Assemblies Protect

Field Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Weapons Containers
Artwork Transportation
Mobile Offices
Mobile Laboratories
Cleanroom Applications
Research Labs
Chip/Semiconductor Production

Want To Learn More About How IDC Reduces Damage Inflicted Upon Equipment During Transit?

IDC Provides the engineering services required to design, validate, and produce an elegantly integrated solution that protects your sensitive equipment

Maintenance-Free Protection

Wire rope isolators are an excellent solution for protecting your equipment for many reasons. The wire rope is a combined spring and damper, allowing for the creation of an efficient isolator that can isolate your equipment from damaging shock and vibration without occupying excessive space in your design envelope.


Due to its completely metallic design, wire rope can operate in extreme environments, withstanding ozone, oil, organic solvents, and other compounds that destroy elastomeric components. For projects with special requirements, the design is easily customizable, allowing for material or surface protection modifications to meet specific requirements for a project. 


Connect With an IDC Engineer Today

Our experienced engineers have designed tailor-made isolator solutions for nearly every industry, including the most challenging applications in shipping and transport. Some examples of our customized systems include mountable brackets, plate assemblies, welded units and trays.

At IDC, our primary goal is to supply you with the most practical, cost-effective wire rope assemblies for your specific operation. Our experienced engineering team can guide you in the right direction when choosing an optimal solution for your transportation shock isolation needs. Contact us online today to get started.