XM Series Wire Rope Isolator

The incredibly unique design of the XM Series makes this isolator an ideal choice for light weight equipment requiring a high level of shock & vibration isolation. The symmetrically balanced “X” shaped cables gives this isolator a high degree of vertical stability (even under large excursions) and torsional resistance. It is this characteristic that makes the XM series wire isolators vastly superior over similar mounts that have a tendency to collapse or buckle under large motions. The cables of this wire isolator are mechanically fastened to the two retainers which provide the same wide temperature range as the SM series cable isolators.

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XM Series Wire Isolator

  • Rugged all metal construction
  • Unequalled temp. Range: -200° F to 500° F
  • Three axis capability (6 DOF)
  • High damping: C/Cc ≈.15-.20
  • Long life and maintenance free


XM Series Wire Isolator

Below are some of the more common alternate materials used in the manufacture of IDC Cable Isolators. This is by no means a complete list. Please feel free to contact our Engineering Department to discuss any other material not shown below.]

  • Cable: 305 series SS (low magnetic permeability), 316 series SS (improved corrosion resistance), Galvanized steel (more economical), Inconel, Copper, etc…
  • Screws: 305 series SS, 316 series SS, Cad plated alloy steel, Zinc plated alloy steel, 400 series SS, etc…
  • Inserts: Key lock inserts per MS51830 & MS51831, etc…
  • Retainer Bars: 305 series SS, 316 series SS, 400 series SS, Titanium, Copper, Aluminum alloys (2024, 5052, 7075), Alloy steel, etc…
  • Finishes: Zinc plate, Cad plate, Hard anodize, CARC paint, Epoxy paint, Enamel, Polysulfide sealant (corrosion protection), etc…

XM Series Wire Isolator

IDC is prepared to customize your solution with:

  • Custom mounting hole sizes and patterns
  • Custom lengths, heights, and diameters (depending on series)
  • Custom finishes (anodize, paint, alodine, passivation)
  • Stainless Steel bar construction

XM Series Wire Isolator

XM6 Curve Data

XM6 Curve

XM6 Catalog Sheet

XM6 Catalog

XM5 Curve Data

XM5 Curve

XM5 Catalog Sheet

XM5 Catalog

XM4 Curve Data

XM4 Curve

XM4 Catalog Sheet

XM4 Catalog

XM3 Curve Data

XM3 Curve

XM3 Catalog Sheet

XM3 Catalog

XM2 Curve Data

XM2 Curve

XM2 Catalog Sheet

XM2 Catalog


XM Series Wire Isolator

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