SM Series Wire Rope Isolator

The unique design of the SM Series cable isolator makes it an ideal choice for lightweight equipment requiring a high level of shock & vibration isolation. The symmetrically balanced “S” shaped cables give these wire rope isolators a high degree of vertical stability (even under large excursions). It is this characteristic that makes the SM series wire vibration isolator vastly superior over similar mounts that have a tendency to collapse or buckle under large motions.

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SM Series Wire Rope Vibration Isolator
  • Rugged all metal construction
  • Unequalled temp. Range: -200° F to 500° F
  • Three axis capability (6 DOF)
  • Fail safe construction
  • High damping: C/Cc ≈.15-.20
  • Long life and maintenance free


Below are some of the more common alternate materials used in the manufacture of IDC Cable Isolators. This is by no means a complete list. Please feel free to contact our Engineering Department to discuss any other material not shown below.]

  • Cable: 305 series SS (low magnetic permeability), 316 series SS (improved corrosion resistance), Galvanized steel (more economical), Inconel, Copper, etc…
  • Screws: 305 series SS, 316 series SS, Cad plated alloy steel, Zinc plated alloy steel, 400 series SS, etc…
  • Inserts: Key lock inserts per MS51830 & MS51831, etc…
  • Retainer Bars: 305 series SS, 316 series SS, 400 series SS, Titanium, Copper, Aluminum alloys (2024, 5052, 7075), Alloy steel, etc…
  • Finishes: Zinc plate, Cad plate, Hard anodize, CARC paint, Epoxy paint, Enamel, Polysulfide sealant (corrosion protection), etc…

IDC is prepared to customize your solution with:

  • Custom mounting hole sizes and patterns
  • Custom lengths, heights, and diameters (depending on series)
  • Custom finishes (anodize, paint, alodine, passivation)
  • Stainless Steel bar construction

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